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Penis Envy Mushrooms

(2 customer reviews)


This strain is said to be ultra potent, sometimes called the most potent of all the magic mushrooms. Some people speculate that the increased potency is because PE is a “mutant,” but the truth of the matter is simple. Penis envy is a strain that grows much slower than normal cubensis mushrooms. The result of the slower growth is a longer window of psilocybin production, thus the mushrooms are capable of, and often do contain more psilocybin gram for gram than normal cubensis mushroom strains.

1/4 ounce.


2 reviews for Penis Envy Mushrooms

  1. John McGregor (Verified Customer)

    More of these please, before I go on my walks at night. Really makes walking around at night, a blast.

  2. Colleen Rainey (Verified Customer)

    Yeah, thought we’d try these out – the name is weird – penis envy but okay I can see why when i looked at them.

    What at fun trip we had.

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