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Thanks for letting us know that you are interested in our vaping products!

We carry a wide selection of various brands and vaping products that we can deliver to you in the Greater Toronto Area with free 2 hour delivery (before 10pm and with a minimum order of $100.00). See our map here for the free delivery region).

There are other benefits as well from using 420Now Weed Delivery as your source for vaping gear! When you buy from us, you're automatically enrolled in our CannaPoints Loyalty program - each time you buy, you earn points that you can use in the future toward to discounts and other benefits. Read more about our loyalty program here.

Our selection of brands includes Popeyes Extractions, Ego, Faded Cannabis, Klar, Pineapple Express, & Sovrin.

Popeyes Extractions is a new exciting entry into the cannabis vape scene and is quickly becoming a big favourite among our customers!  Be sure to give them a try and let us know what you think!

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We know that many of you really enjoy vaping! If you were to end up on a desert island, and could only have one thing, it would be your vaping gear.

But, you're not on a desert island and its possible from time to time you might enjoy some other cannabis or even shroom products, and we can help you with those desires as well - including with free delivery in the Greater Toronto Area.

Maybe you might be interested in some of the weed specials we have going on right now:

Edibles / Medibles

Ever interested in discovering the world of cannabis edibles / medibles? Or just want to enjoy some luxurious chocolate with an extra benefit?

While vaping might be your thing, many of our customers enjoy mixing in some edibles for the benefits of cannabis mixed with the enjoyment of their taste senses. Our selection of chocolates are an especially luxurious treat - for yourself, or as a gift for someone else!