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Thanks for letting us know you're mostly all about shrooms... and whether it's for medicinal or recreational use, we're here to make sure you get top quality magic mushrooms - and a variety of your choice!

Presently, we've got four varieties of mushrooms and you can read about each one by clicking on the variety and reading the description.

We know there's been a LOT of interest in shrooms lately, especially for their beneficial uses - and we've enjoyed keeping up with the scientific research.

Psilocybin, one of the major ingredients, is fast becoming known for benefits in treating depression, alcohol disorders, a smoking cessation aid, and a variety of other things.

But, they're also enjoyed by those who love to experience psychedelic experiences, sometimes even deeply spiritual.

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Magic Mushroom Varieties

We've got several varieties of shrooms that we regularly carry - and of course, if you're in the Greater Toronto Area (see our map), you'll get free 2 hour delivery with orders of $100.00 or more. Mix and match - not just shrooms of course - anything from our menu to reach the minimum for free delivery.


Just in case you're interested, we've got a lot of other stuff we can bring you as well! Maybe you're just interested in shrooms; that's fine! But have you ever tried a Shroom Bar? Popeyes Extractions makes a delicious chocolate bar with shrooms - the rich dark chocolate is a favourite as Popeyes only uses the finest most wholesome ingredients.

Check them out - try a Mini-Shroom Bar!

You might not be interested (but maybe you are), but we've usually got some offers going on a few different strains of weed which might interest you:

Of course, you might find something else in our Edibles Menu. You might want to have a look at our Vape Pens if you're not hungry right now, or even browse our selection of concentrates!

Yes, we have hash too! And we can deliver within 2 hours to your address in the GTA!