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Based in Vancouver, Faded Cannabis is a North American leader in quality THC/CBD extraction products including edibles, tinctures, beverages, vape pens and more!

Faded Gummies, sometimes called Faded Gummy Bears, are a huge favourite of our customers. We're constantly restocking this product because it's such a best seller! You'll love them too!

An extremely high degree of quality control goes into all Faded Cannabis products and  you'll love the taste of all of the Faded Gummies. Amazing flavour! And at the same time, the high-quality THC dosing you'll appreciate - for your choice in edibles/medibles.

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faded cannabis co. logo

Faded Cannabis Co. products - available from 420Now Weed Delivery - with Free Delivery To The GTA - only 100.00 minimum order. Canada Wide Shipping Available

Find out why our customers adore Faded Gummies! Lab Tested, Made in Canada. Amazing great flavour you expect from a high-quality gummy.