Refreshing Soft Drinks With THC - Pop Your Day!

A Soft Drink With The Kick Of THC. Do You Call it "Pop" or "Soda?" We're Canadian. It's "Pop."

The Good Doctor Canna Cola comes in a variety of flavours that you already love. But, you get the added kick of 125 mg of THC in each single drink size serving.

A refreshing carbonated drink - best enjoyed chilled and sipped.

The Good Doctor Canna Cola is available in the most popular "pop" or soda flavours that most enjoy.

With 125 mg of THC in every drink sized bottle, you'll be able to ensure exact dosing for medicinal use or pleasure.

An edible with a fizz and flavour you'll love.

The Good Doctor is in the house, and we're delivering for free within 2 hours of your order in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)*.